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Recently Published Articles

Independent Learning and Student Interest Effects for Learning Result of Basic Concept of Science at Elementary School (PDGK4103), Undergraduate PGSD Program


Attitude Of Nurse To Expectant Mother's In Issste Hospital, Chilpancingo Guerrero, México

Sepúlveda Covarrubias Maribel, Jarquín Sepúlveda Areli & Sánchez Castillo Martha Leticia y Díaz González Lucio

The Efficiency Of Vibrance (Needle Shaping) And O.F.F (Non Surgical Dermal Ablative Treatment) On Body Reshaping

Tsioumas G. Sotiris, Chorozidis Ioannis & Papapostolou Apostolos

Case Report: The Diagnosis, Treatment And Outcome Of A Rare Case Suspected As Mucormycosis

Fanny M. Laihad, I Ketut Sudiana & M. Guritno Suryokusumo

Report On Community Profiling And Action Plan For Omdiyat Koraray (Korgo Area), West Darfur, Sudan

Dr. Emad Ahmed Mahgoub, AbduelSalam Gumaa AbduelAziz, Dr. Tarig Ibrahim Mohamed & Mohammed Abdella Teabin

Pig As A Choice For Animal Experimentation

Sardjana I.K.W.

Plexr In Acne Treatment

Geleki Stamatina, Tsioumas Sotiris & Vranou Aglaia

Neosporosis In Cattle: Preliminary Study In Batu-Malang Region, Indonesia

Sardjana I.K.W.

Leadership, Governance And Public Policy

Dr. Ouarda Belkacem Layachi

An Evaluation Of The Aesthetics Urban Design Elements In The Cityscape Of Khartoum, Sudan

Qrradh Fadlallah Kateik & Saud Sadig Hassan

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