Pinnacle Educational Research & Development

(ISSN: 2360-9494)

February 2014, Vol. 2 (2).

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Research Article


Reductionism in the teaching practice

Monica Pinz Alves

(CAPES Scholarship),
EST (Theological College),
São Leopoldo RS-Brazil.

Accepted 28 January, 2014; Available Online 4 February, 2014


Present contribution deals with the educator and the educational materials used by the teachers to prepare lessons. In particular, some journals and textbooks were analyzed that offer ready-made lesson plans and success tips while underlining their consistent good results. For many teachers, an information journal becomes a source on "how" to teach "what". Thus, the educational practice is limited to these two dimensions. With this contribution, from the analysis of teaching patterns starting, we want to perform a brief discussion of the elements with respect to the educator and the constant pursuit of high-quality teaching. This post is part of a doctoral program, which addresses the teacher training and the importance of their position with regard to the education and development of our students.

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