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March 2014, Vol. 2 (3).

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Salma Akhtar1, Dr. Rabia Tabassum2 & Prof. Dr. R. A. Farooq3*

1Ph. D. Scholar
Northern University
Nowshera, Pakistan.
2Associate Professor & HOD (Education)
Northern University
Nowshera, Pakistan.
3Dean, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Northern University
Nowshera, Pakistan.

Accepted 1 March, 2014; Available Online 2 March, 2014


Teaching of Physics with Physics Suite describes a variety of tools for improving both teaching and learning, including new kinds of homework and exam problems, ways of assessing the level of understanding in your class. It aims to help educators learn to be more effective at teaching Physics. The major objective of the study was to see the relative effects of teaching Physics with Physics Suite instruction on the academic achievement of secondary school students in the subject of Physics. To achieve the objective of the study two null hypotheses were tested. The students of 9th class of the same school were selected as sample of the study. Sample students were divided into two group's i.e. experimental group and control group on the basis of previous results by applying pair random sampling. In order to secure data post-test, was administered to the experimental as well as control group. The students of experimental group performed significantly better than those of control group on the post-test which proved that teaching of physics with the physics suite was more effective than the traditional method of teaching physics to secondary school students.

Keywords: physics suite, academic achievement, pair random sampling.

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