Pinnacle Biochemistry Research


Preliminary Phytochemical Analysis And The Effect Of Ethanolic Leaf Extract Of Vernonia amygdalina On Blood Glucose Concentration And Hematological Parameters In Alloxan-Induced Diabetic Albino Rats

Longe Adeteju Olufunmilayo

Vol.2 (1), Article ID pbcr_194, 693-697, 2015.

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Optimization of Culture Conditions for the Production of Endoglucanase from Aspergillus sydowii using Corn Cobs
Maria Mushtaq, Dr. Fahmida Khatoon & Dr. Shiza Batool

Vol.1 (1), Article ID pbcr_131, 202-208, 2014.

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Correlation of Fructose with Spermatogenesis
Dr. Fahmida Khatoon, Dr. Farhan Essaa Abdullah, Maria Mushtaq, Dr.Shiza Batoo & Zahid Balouch

Vol.1 (1), Article ID pbcr_129, 188-193, 2014.

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Risk associated with dipstick urinalysis for diagnosing urinary tract infection
Tamirys Schulz, Marcos José Machado, Arício Treitinger, Alexandre Fiamoncini & Lorena Mares de Oliveira Niederauer

Vol.1 (1), Article ID pbcr_127, 177-182, 2014.

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